The Dictator Has A New Clip With Anna Faris

Senior Writer
04.13.12 3 Comments

Between Will Ferrell’s announcement that there will be an Anchorman sequel and Sacha Baren Cohen’s latest film, The Dictator, it’s already a pretty great year for college dudes and bros who love to quote movies. Set to be released on May 16, The Dictator’s marketing campaign is in full swing, and so far it pretty much looks like we’re in for a typical Cohen film full of silly voices, over-the-top stereotypes and satire at the expense of our national pride.

In the latest exclusive clip, we’re treated to a double dip of stereotype as Cohen’s Dictator plays the role of the overbearing, oppressive and misogynistic Middle Eastern leader with no respect for Anna Faris as a liberated, educated American female. But of course she’s the wrong type of girl for a sexist foreigner to be messing with, because she went to a liberal arts college and took classes on feminism. How do they come up with this stuff!

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