The Dilemma trailer: Kevin James' wife cheats with C-Tates

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09.20.10 21 Comments

Ron Howard’s upcoming comedy The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn and an allegedly all-star cast, has a trailer now, and while it promises us classic Kevin James comedy, including “Fat Guy Dancing”, “Fat Guy Making Goofy Faces” and “More Fat Guy Dancing”, it’s pretty special to us because it marks the comedic debut of FilmDrunk favorite and my best friend, Channing Tatum. As always, C-Tates was more than happy to stop by and give us a preview of his new trailer.

Yo girl, check it – peep my new trailer 4 The Dilemma, right? It’s about two homeboys and one is like dying an sh*t, and we gets all serious and mopey, heard? Haha, just kiddin playboy, it’s a comedy, yo. And yo girl, I knows you wonderin, “C-Tates can dance, and C-Tates can be all serious like Martin Lawrence Olivier, but can C-Tates drop some mad humor on my fine ass?” Yo girl, you f*ckin know I be showin mad funny boner, right?

So Vince Vaughn says some white boy sh*t, blah blah blah blah blah, Queen Latifah is some raw sister, son, word is born, blah blah blah blah blah, yo Kevin James is a funny ass mutha f*cka, Paul Blart reprazent, blah blah blah blah blah, Winona Ryder ain’t got no booty, son, I need dat ass like POW POW, heard? But yo girl, check it, you all like, “Yo I’m watchin’ dis trailer and sh*t but I ain’t getting’ wet cuz I ain’t seein no C-Tates” but then BAM! 2:06 C-TATES IN THE MUTHA F*CKIN HEEZYHIZZZZZNOUSE!!!1!

Mad funny, right? But yo girl, they be playin dat Maroon 5 sh*t in the trailer, and I was all like, Yo playboy you need to come correct, right? I’mma play some NWA and be all like STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON, WHAT! Never forget where u from, son. Word is born.

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