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04.09.10 15 Comments

According to my exhaustive research (*pantomimes glug glug, wank wank*), British actor Aaron Johnson was a relative unknown before landing the lead in Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass.  But if there’s one thing Hollywood producers love, it’s cocaine. And if there’s another, it’s a teenage boy covered in spandex. Sadly for them, at just 19 years of age, Johnson already seems to have developed something they lack: taste.  And the ability to form an opinion without a focus group.

At today’s press day for Kick-Ass, Johnson admitted that he’s been approached to play other superhero roles, “stupidly,” in his words. He went on to explain, “Obviously they haven’t got that much of a creative brain when someone else has a movie coming out called Kick-Ass, why would they want to be the next superhero that’s already been done before….” He declined to say which role he’d been offered, but saying “superhero that’s already been done before” definitely further fueled my personal speculation that he’d make a perfect Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot– even though Johnson apparently isn’t interested in going that direction.

In a later 1:1 interview Johnson explained to me, “I would play another superhero, but not necessarily soon.” As he puts it, he’s not opposed to superhero movies, particularly since he’s the proud star of one right now, but the single-minded Hollywood mentality that because people play a superhero once, they should do it over and over again. “It’s just ridiculous. Producers just aren’t thinking. It’s why sh*t movies get made.” [CinemaBlend]

I love this kid.  Also, I know I made fun of your slang in the last post, Brits, but credit where credit’s due. “Sh*t” works much better as an adjective than it does as a noun.  Or a food.

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