The Dude’s house is for sale. For $3 million.

Hollywood tends to play fast and loose with the realities of real estate, where supposedly lower to lower-middle class fictional families constantly find themselves living in what would be million dollar homes in the real world. I guess because filming inside the gritty sh*tboxes where people actually live might get a little too real (true story aside: a few years ago, my old apartment in New York was used for a scene in Law and Order: Criminal Intent that was set inside a pedophile’s apartment. I swear on my life this is true). Never was that more clear than today, when the house from the Big Lebowski where the Dude lived, the unemployed former Metallica roadie, is selling for $2.295 million dollars in Venice Beach. It sounds expensive, but I hear it has a really nice rug.

Six historic one bedroom cottages on a 10,628 sq ft lot, all just blocks to the beach and Abbot Kinney. These historic, bigger-than-average bungalows feature spacious side-yards, garage parking and a lushly landscaped gated courtyard.
In 2005, property underwent major renovations, including new sewer line, roofing. This a perfect candidate for a residential subdivision. |Bulldog Realtors via Gawker|

Oh okay, so to be fair, it’s actually three mil for SIX of the kind of cottages where The Dude lived. That works out to $382,500 each, which is still steep on an unemployed former roadie’s salary, but probably affordable if you’re renting. So you can buy the whole lot and turn it into a subdivision, or just keep them to use as rental properties, but beware. You’ll probably just get some good-for-nothing bum of a tenant who’ll never pay his rent before the tenth. Or worse, a whole family of Chinamen just chattering and peeing on rugs.