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03.19.10 26 Comments

From ComingSoon:

While it was expected, it was not confirmed yet whether Josh Duhamel would return as Major Lennox in Transformers 3.

Duhamel told us today at the Las Vegas ShoWest convention that he met with director Michael Bay yesterday, that the script is done and they’re preparing to start filming in the summer. So yes, he will indeed be back alongside Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson.

Climb down from that clock tower.  Stop filling your bomb shelter with canned food.  Our long national nightmare is over.  We have closure.  The Earth can continue turning.  The sun will rise tomorrow.  Birds will sing. Flowers will bloom.  Children will say their prayers and sleep safely in warm beds with full bellies and rosy cheeks.  It is spring time in America.

Josh Duhamel is in Transformers 3.

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