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11.05.08 64 Comments

I was too busy running through the streets of Harlem yelling “Kill whitey!” last night to see this myself, but apparently there were some eerie movie-related coincidences in both candidates’ choice of theme music last night.

Consider: McCain left the Arizona stage to part of Hans Zimmer’s score from “Crimson Tide.” (This part, actually.) The 1995 Tony Scott film focused on a career Navy man (Gene Hackman), labeled a maverick by some, who is stripped of his authority and ultimately beaten by a young black guy, somewhat new to the scene (Denzell Washington).

Then there was Obama, who left the stage to the strings of Trevor Rabin’s score from “Remember the Titans.” The 2000 Disney/Bruckheimer joint followed an African-American coach who brought together whites and blacks to win a championship.

This is obviously more than coincidence, but is this genuinely telling? Someone chose these songs on purpose. [MTV]

I can’t answer that question.  But if I’d been a campaign strategist, Denzell would’ve played Obama in all the commercials, with Morgan Freeman delivering inner monologue voice overs a lá The Wonder Years.

Also, and this is neither here nor there, but Robby the Republican Anteater is so upset he needs a hug (thanks to Brendan for that).  Alternately, he could be Italian Anteater.  “Ey, I’m fackin’ walkin’ heah!”

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