The First Image From The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Set Is Sadly Very SFW

The sequel to Magic Mike is finally in production… and this is all they have to show for it? Come on!!! It’s not that I desperately need to see C-Tates bulge (again), but I’m trying to get some goddamn clicks so I can feed my family (Myself and Charlene) and, unless there’s some strange new fetish I’m not yet privy to, no one wants to masturbate to a picture of goddamn clapper board. FU*K CLAPS, DADDY NEEDS CLICKS!!!

Still, I do find myself with a half-chub from just looking at this photo – mostly because it serves as a promise of future clicks. But also because it gives us a few clues about Magic Mike XXLJust from looking at the photo I can gather that the film is going to take place somewhere called “Myrtle Beach Aeriel” and is going to star a sexy silver fox in tan cargo shorts (presumably playing the Roll of X1) who will be flying a helicopter. I can also discern that they have shot 71.93 takes of this scene, and that director Gregory Jacobs ran a 4K some time during the production. The sleuths over at CinemaBlend have deduced even more info from this picture:

From this picture of the slate, we can glean a few clues about Magic Mike XXL. For one thing, there will be scenes set in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That’s a shift north from the first film, as Magic Mike was shot on location in Tampa, Florida. The aerial shots of the location will likely be shot from the helicopter in the background. But most intriguing is the second unit shoot’s camera operator, Peter Andrews. What makes Peter Andrews so interesting? Well, he’s the owner of the Twitter handle @Bitchuation (which may be is a joke in the Magic Mike XXL script). But moreover, Peter Andrews is one of the pseudonyms employed by recently “retired” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.

THR tipped the true identity of @Bitchuation/Peter Andrews, reporting that this wasn’t some over-eager slate manner or assistant camera op who shared the first pic from the much anticipated sequel. It was Steven Soderbergh himself.

While I don’t completely agree with CinemaBlend’s assessment of the clues (they are totally ignoring X1 and his helicopter), they were completely right-on about the whole Soderbergh/Peter Andrews thing. Bravo.

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