The First Trailer For ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2’ Is Everything You’d Ever Expect

Kevin James is back as everyone’s favorite (citation needed) fictional security guard in the first trailer for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and if you were worried that this was going to be the typical recycled idea set in a different backdrop… well, you were right. This time around, Blart (which rhymes with fart, so it’s funny) finds himself as the unlikely hero on his vacation to some sort of mall cop convention in Las Vegas, because Neal McDonough and his team are apparently trying to rob a casino blind.

What’s really spectacular about this trailer is that it looks like McDonough’s character starts out as the head of security or something, and then they go ahead and reveal that he’s the bad guy. That means that Kevin James and Co. are so confident about the hilarious comedy that they don’t give a crap about ruining the plot. That’s always the sign of an instant classic. That and when the main character fights a bird.

Hey, let’s see if someone is excited about this movie…

Stole the words right out of my keyboard, friend.