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The original title of Terminator Salvation was Terminaton Salvation: The Future Begins.  Then JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie sorta yoinked that tagline.  Now, Terminator’s newest poster from a Russian site comes equipped with the tagline: “The End Begins.”  Anyone else get the feeling a poster with a fat midget and the tagline “Jumbo Shrimp” would make Hollywood people shit their pants laughing?  Anyway, let’s go to FirstShowing (you may remember him as the guy who got his seat stolen at Comic-Con) for some in-depth analysis!

I’d like to say the idea is pretty cool, somewhat of a “face-to-face” between Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. The problem is that it looks terrible and the split faces don’t really work well. I don’t know, maybe it really is a brilliant design and I just can’t see it. What do you think?

I’m guessing if two guys looking at the camera means “somewhat of a face-to-face”, then two guys back to back would be “not really a face-to-face?”  But then, maybe I’m just being crazy!  How would you guys write it?  Sound off in the comments!

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