The Ghost of Comedy Future Meets Comedy Past + The Morning Links

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The Morning Links

Southie Batman: Episode II |FilmDrunk|

Ben Affleck Talks About The Batman Backlash With Jimmy Fallon: ‘I’m A Big Boy…I Handle Sh*t’ |UPROXX|

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V |Gamma Squad|

Apple Bans Word ‘Redskins’ from iTunes’ Canadian Store |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Chromeo – ‘Over Your Shoulder’ X ‘White Women’ Album Trailer |Smoking Section|

Gamer gets mugged for copy of ‘GTA V’ in signature GTA fashion |death&taxes|

7 Things You Should Know About Bourbon |Mental Floss|

GTA V is So Realistic It’s Boring |College Humor|

AMC Official Out of Ideas, Extending Mad Men Through 2015 |Grantland|

5 Famous Actors Who Hate Their Iconic Roles |Cracked|

20 Facts About ‘Batman and Robin’ You Probably Don’t Know or Actively Repressed |Pajiba|

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Dancing with the Stars |Videogum|

Yup, Ben Affleck’s Getting a Divorce |The Superficial|

Carrie Underwood Will Sing Away the Nazis |IDLYITW|

Guys Rig Up Friend’s Plumbing with Beer |The Chive|

10 Best Menswear Trends at NYFW |Made Man|

What Are Your Favorite Fall Root Vegetables? |Ranker|