The Glee-ification of Green Day is nearly complete

Because it worked so well as a play (I honestly don’t know if I’m being sarcastic here), Green Day’s American Idiot is set to become a feature film, written by Milk‘s Dustin Lance Black and possibly starring Billy Joe.  My God, we’ve become as obnoxious as the baby boomers, haven’t we.

Michael Mayer will direct. Mayer helmed the stage run of the musical, which is closing on Broadway April 24 and launching a tour in the fall.

Is Michael Mayer John Mayer’s brother?  Would anyone be surprised if he was?

The musical, which uses the songs of the punk band’s [really? we’re still calling them that?] seminal 2004 album to tell the coming-of-age story of three small-town guys, was optioned before its opening last spring by Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. They previously turned the stage hit Mamma Mia! into a Universal film. It is expected that Green Day lead singer/songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong will be courted to play the role of the drug dealer St. Jimmy. Each time he did a stint in the role on Broadway, the grosses rose considerably at the St. James Theatre. [Deadline]

So they made more money when the lead singer of Green Day was onstage?  Gee, it’s almost as if people would rather just watch a concert.

A little more than a year ago, someone decided, “Hey, remember that spunky three-piece who wrote catchy songs about masturbating?  Let’s have them write a vague concept album about Americana and get some fruity theater kids to act it out on stage.” Then a few months ago they were like, “Ooh, let’s stunt cast Melissa Etheridge in the lead!”  I’m not even sure who they’re pandering to anymore.  People who still enjoy musicals are too old for Green Day.  People who like Green Day hate musicals.  I’m not sure anyone was ever more than mildly lukewarm on Melissa Etheridge.  Are there three lesbian dog groomers somewhere in Portland who are just thrilled about this?  I’m confused and sad.  I’ll simply leave you with the following photo essay, which I like to call “Faces of American Idiot.”