The Greatest Movie Of All Time Is Currently In Production

OKAY EVERYBODY SHUT UP BECAUSE I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS: 1) RZA and Paul Walker are making a movie together titled Brick Mansions; 2) READ THESE SENTENCES.

The script sees Walker play an undercover cop who is tasked with going into a tenement named Brick Mansions in order to disarm a neutron bomb that is ticking down.

RZA will play the formidable drug warlord in the community who is in possession of the bomb.

The movie is currently shooting in Montreal.

Okay, a few things:

1) Yes.

2) Cancel the Oscars and give all of the awards to this film.

3) Just so we’re all clear here, at some point in the near future there is going to be a movie where the mastermind of the Wu-Tang Clan has procured a neutron bomb and is storing it in the projects, and the country’s only hope is that an undercover police officer played by Paul Walker can get to it and defuse it before it does this to some unfortunate chunk of the country.

4) YES.

5) We are all going to see this movie.