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03.19.10 18 Comments

Collider talked to Hangover director and gangbang enthusiast Todd Phillips about Hangover 2.  Among other things, he says rumors about the movie being set in Mexico or Thailand aren’t true.  The interviewer tries to get him to compare the Hangover characters to the Sex and the City characters, but he declines.  You can read all about this and more in my upcoming book, Todd Phillips is a Smart Man.

Corey Feldman’s open letter to Corey Haim is definitely not something he did for attention, because when you write an open letter to a dead guy, the last thing you could want is for someone to read it other than the intended recipient.  It’s hard to make a joke about a tragedy, so I’ll simply point out that he signed the letter “CF Core Feldog DAWG C-DOG KID.”  Child actors, dude. |MovieWeb|

Warner is making a fifth Final Destination movie.  This despite the fourth one being called The Final Destination.  Warner chief said the decision was made “because we can’t resist.”  These cheap horror movies are like heroin, you see.  Because the people who buy them are mostly losers. |SlashFilm|

Watch Spike Jonze’s short film I’m Here for free online, courtesy of Absolut Vodka.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing, because the sunlight burns my skin. *hiss*  Get it off! Get it off!  |I’mHere|

Finally, this dog is riding a donkey. Get down from there, dog.  You’re not hiking into the grand canyon, you don’t even have a saddle bag to carry. (Thanks, Jacktion!)

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