The Honest Trailer For ‘Magic Mike’ Makes Us Love ‘Magic Mike’ Even More

As president of the Unofficial Magic Mike Fan Club, I was all set to hate this new Honest Trailer for Magic Mike. In a week where #lovewins, the last thing I need is some jerk telling me my love for “Ladies Of Tampa” is wrong.

As luck would have it, I can’t argue with much of this:

“A movie that puts guys in the uncomfortable position of wanting to trade lives with a stripper, and girls in the uncomfortable position of wanting a man who can barely finish a sentence.”

True story: that scene was the moment I went from loving Channing Tatum sarcastically to thinking, “you know, this guy might actually be able to act.”

C-Tates may never win Best Actor, but no one can deny that “Charming Mumbly Guy” is right in his wheelhouse. For me, a dealbreaker is a girl who can’t understand why I love Magic Mike. Love means never having to say you’re sorry for loving Magic Mike.

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