The honest trailer for Star Wars Episode I 3D

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02.13.12 23 Comments

Over the weekend, I got sent links to at least three or four articles declaring the Episodes I-III superior to the original trilogy for various reasons. You’re inclination is to click and read, wondering what could possibly possess a person to take such an idiotic position, but in reality you already answered with your click. Sometimes the conventional wisdom is just correct. That’s why I prefer to post this trailer from ScreenJunkies, the honest version of the trailer for the Episode I 3D re-release.

“From the million dollar jowels of George Lucas, comes the chance to RELIVE the biggest letdown in movie history. IN 3D! Starring Oskar Schindler as Jesus! This February, George Lucas defiles your childhood for the second time in a third dimension!”

Yep, that about covers it. At this point, the only argument I’m willing to entertain about Star Wars is whether Episode I or II is the crappiest. And who looks better with lady hair, Ewan MacGregor or Liam Neeson.

[via ScreenJunkies]

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