The International trailer Skyfall trailer has even more Blond Bardem

Senior Editor
09.19.12 16 Comments

With Skyfall hitting the US November 9th (October 22nd if you’re in London or Belgrade), MGM has released a new international trailer. What’s an international trailer, you ask? Well, it’s like a regular trailer, but with ASIAN WRITING on it. WHOOOOAAAAOOOAAA. More importantly, we get more of this installment’s villain, Raoul Silva, played by a blond Javier Bardem, the famous, Oscar-winning wig wearer. With American Beauty‘s Sam Mendes directing, I was worried the only villain would be middle class ennui, but I’m actually detecting a lighter tone with this one (I think?). Which would be good, I think we’ve all had our fill of dark and gritty™ these past few years.

Make sure you watch until the end for the excited Asian announcer (speaking… Mandarin?), which offers a whole new level of enjoyment. I also would’ve accepted the lalalaACTION! guy from that Ugandan movie. Someone get on that.


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