The International trailer Skyfall trailer has even more Blond Bardem

Senior Editor
09.19.12 16 Comments

"No, meesair Bon, I esspec ju to gee me leeto kiss."

With Skyfall hitting the US November 9th (October 22nd if you’re in London or Belgrade), MGM has released a new international trailer. What’s an international trailer, you ask? Well, it’s like a regular trailer, but with ASIAN WRITING on it. WHOOOOAAAAOOOAAA. More importantly, we get more of this installment’s villain, Raoul Silva, played by a blond Javier Bardem, the famous, Oscar-winning wig wearer. With American Beauty‘s Sam Mendes directing, I was worried the only villain would be middle class ennui, but I’m actually detecting a lighter tone with this one (I think?). Which would be good, I think we’ve all had our fill of dark and gritty™ these past few years.

Make sure you watch until the end for the excited Asian announcer (speaking… Mandarin?), which offers a whole new level of enjoyment. I also would’ve accepted the lalalaACTION! guy from that Ugandan movie. Someone get on that.


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