The ‘Interstellar’ Trailer Is Here: Matthew McConaughey Saves The Earth For Chris Nolan

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05.16.14 94 Comments


Christopher Nolan is inarguably a genius, but if there’s been one knock on his work up until now, it’s that it tends toward the self-serious, can be clinical, lacking a human element. What’s the best way to shore up that front? Hire Matthew McConaughey, who oozes so much human charm that he ruins all his shirts and always looks greasy. Here he is alongside My Cocaine and David Oyelowo in the first full-length trailer for Nolan’s Interstellar, aka Wooderson Saves The Earth.

“You know what I like about interstellar space travel, man? They get older, and I keep stayin’ the same age.”

Interesting that Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are barely in the trailer at all. I get it though. When you’ve got Matthew McConaughey, you don’t want to waste time with filler.

Opens November 7th.

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