The Iron Lady makes watching paint dry look like Iron Man

Superman and Spider-Man are British now, but if you think the good ol’ US of A is going to take usurpation like that lying down, you’re wrong. That’s why we sent Meryl Streep over to England to steal the role of Margaret Thatcher, the stiffest of stiff upper lips and the model for Mrs. Doubtfire (maybe!). And just to make sure those goddamned dirty stinking tea-totellers never try something like this again, we made the movie extra super duper mega boring by slathering every inch of film stock in oatmeal and dyeing it extra beige. Can you imagine fast-forwarding through scenes about proper elocution lessons (King’s Speech much?) to get to the F*CKING FALKLANDS WAR? This makes Ken Burns look like Michael Bay.


[via Buzzsugar]