The Japanese ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Commercials Are The Best In The World

Just when you think that Guardians of the Galaxy couldn’t get any better than it already is, director James Gunn pointed everyone’s attention this week to these commercials that have been airing in Japan, leading up to this week’s premiere of the summer’s biggest movie. I don’t know what is being said in these commercials, and I don’t really care, because the intros to the three separate character spots for Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Star-Lord are just about the most wonderful things that you’ll see in any movie trailers this year.

Hell, the Rocket ad alone deserves some kind of movie award recognition, because it not only made it seem like this movie was all about a talking raccoon with a machine gun, but it made me want to see that movie. At the very least, I have to go see Guardians for a fourth time now. Thanks, Japan!