The ‘Justice League’ Movie Might Be Coming To Us Earlier Than Expected

SPOILER WARNING: The following post includes information about possible announcements that could be made at Comic-Con next month. Normally, I wouldn’t include a disclaimer like this, but people are sensitive about all sorts of news when it comes to spoilers lately, so if you don’t want to know what DC movies might be announced at Comic-Con, don’t read any further. Thank you.

As Vince already mentioned earlier today, former Deadline founder and TOLDJA! extraordinaire Nikki Finke is back with a brand new website, through which she announced with authority that she has mean names to call anyone who crosses her. But once she was done calling some Deadline writer you probably haven’t heard of “an unethical fart,” Finke dropped her first big thunderous scoop in a post about what we might be able to expect from DC and Warner Bros. when Comic-Con rolls around in July.

We already knew that a Justice League film would be coming after 2016’s Batman vs. Superman film, but that was expected to be a little further down the road in 2018. If Finke’s “source” can be trusted and believed, though, Justice League is on DC’s master schedule for May 2017, and Batman vs. Superman won’t be alone in 2016. A Shazam movie is on the calendar for a July 2016 release date and Sandman could be hitting the big screen by Christmas that year. Following Justice League will be Wonder Woman in July 2017, a Flash and Green Lantern movie (together at last!) for Christmas 2017, and then Man of Steel 2 will hit theaters in May 2018.

As for why Batman vs. Superman (the movie that some of us thought was actually Man of Steel 2) has seemed troubled in recent months, Finke’s source said that it has nothing to do with the stars currently attached to the film.

“Like Marvel’s The Avengers, there will be cameos of superheroes for future installments. The cameos will include the already known Cyborg and Flash. Green Lantern [not played by Ryan Reynolds, thank god] may be introduced. And Aquaman will be seen in the Justice League movie. Problem is, Warner Bros Pictures was still negotiating with the actors for those cameos and future roles, meaning major contracts for multiple JL/character films to follow. The studio didn’t want to move forward until they had more of this secure so they held off starting production for a few months. Seemingly simple reason, but the implications are pretty darn huge.” (Via

So is this a potential massive spoiler for those of us who love the surprises of Comic-Con each year? Or is it just the kind of traffic-driving super scoop that a once-all-powerful “insider” needed to get her new site up and running? I guess we’ll see next month, but I like to be positive these days, so let’s hope she’s right.