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12.22.09 24 Comments

This is the first trailer for Frozen, and though I’m sure you Canadians were hoping it’d be about hockey players having a circle jerk around a stalled puck, it’s actually about a killer chairlift.  It even hints at some wolves.  Between this, New Moon, Wolf Man, etc., it really seems like it’s the year of the wolf.  Which is good, because scent and a sound, lost and I’m found, I’ve been hungry like a— ow, got hit with a pie before I could finish that sentence.   Anyway, Bloody-Disgusting says Frozen does for skiing what Jaws did for swimming.  Which is good, because I’ve always said that the only thing that would make extreme skiing even more xxxtreme is… MOTHERF-CKING SHARKS!  OOH WHA-AAH AAH-AAH!

Shark skiing is Bud Light Otter approved.  [Trailer via Apple, Poster via IMPA]

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