King’s Speech Poster is an Awful Photoshop Disaster

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11.03.10 10 Comments

With a 100% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes, The King’s Speech is already winning rave reviews, positive buzz, and awards.  In the comically Oscar-baity trailer, Colin Firth cures his stammer, makes a friend, finally tells the woman he loves how he feels, and saves the world from Hitler.  With an impending US release on November 26th, how do you sell a movie like that? Why, with a haphazardly cobbled-together floating head poster, of course.  To hell with the plot, you gotta get the stars in there.  After all, nothing puts asses in the seats like, uh… Colin Firth, and, um… Geoffrey Rush.  Who could forget the guys from 2 Firth 2 Furious?

Anyway, in case you couldn’t detect my sarcasm, this poster sucks, so I went ahead and Busey’d it.

[poster via IMPA]

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