The Kristen Wiig Pity Party Continues With The New ‘Girl Most Likely’ Trailer

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05.03.13 8 Comments

In Kristen Wiig’s latest comedy, Girl Most Likely, she once again channels her amazing ability to create a character that not only inspires us to laugh but also to cringe and say, “Oh God, this girl is a loser.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because, again, Wiig is hilarious and manages to make us laugh while we silently wish for someone to drop a piano on her character’s head and put her out of her misery. Come on, admit it, that would have been a much better ending to Bridesmaids.

Girl Most Likely has a new trailer, and Wiig plays a woman whose life is spiraling out of control while the people around her seem to inspire more chaos than actual salvation.

Kristen Wiig stars as Imogene, once a promising young New York playwright whose promise has fizzled, thanks to a crisis of confidence. Heavily in denial about being dumped by her society boyfriend, Imogene uses her skill for drama to stage an elaborate fake suicide as an appeal for his sympathy. But her attempt backfires when she’s put into the custody of Zelda, her estranged gambling addict mother (Annette Bening), and must return home with her to the Jersey shore. Desperate to get back to her Manhattan circle of so- called friends, Imogene must finally deal with her family, including her unique brother (Christopher Fitzgerald), Zelda’s new boyfriend The Bousche (Matt Dillon), plus a cute young lodger (Darren Criss),who together help Imogene sort out her place in the world.

Anybody want to start a pool for how many times “The Bousche” is misconstrued as The Douche? My money is on six.

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