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01.19.10 30 Comments

(“And one more chili dog for the road, please.”)

I’ll be honest, I thought making a movie out of the MacGruber sketches was a colossally stupid idea at first.  But let one of the Lonely Island guys direct, throw in fat Val Kilmer as a villain named “Dieter von Cunth”, and make it a hard-R rating, suddenly I’m cautiously optimistic.  I also love Kristen Wiig whenever she’s not playing Gilly or the Target lady.  I guess what I’m saying is that the MacGruber movie is like an adorable puppy with a bow on it.  I’m ready to let it into my heart, but if it can’t be potty trained, I’m selling it to the Vietnamese restaurant.  …What?  What’d  I say?  Was it the puppy thing?

I’ll post an embed as soon as it’s up, but for now you have to watch the trailer here. Update: Including the Trailer Addict version after the jump.

Cautious optimism is kind of like walking around your apartment with a boner.  You’re hoping you’ll get to use it, but until then, any sudden movement will make you flinch like a mother.

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