The Master Steven Seagal Finally Stepped Into The Octagon

At UFC 148 tomorrow night – for which there will be a live discussion at With Leather, so join me or else – Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will have their long-awaited rematch from UFC 117 in 2010. As you should all certainly recall, Silva defeated Sonnen in the 5th round by submission after Sonnen dominated the entire fight. After the fight, though, it was revealed that Sonnen tested positive for elevated testosterone, and he was subsequently banned for a year.

And this recap was very important, because Silva’s mentor, guru, and spiritual father, Steven Seagal, wants everyone to know that the field is even this time and “his guy” is going to defeat Sonnen again. Said Seagal back in June:

“I think this time, they’re both going to be at their best,” Seagal said on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “I don’t think there’s going to be any controversy, I don’t think there’s going to be any injuries. I think two great fighters are going to go out there and have it out, and I think my guy’s going to win. My guy’s going to win handily this time.”

Seagal also revealed to Helwani that Silva had cracked ribs, or maybe they were bruised. He’s 60, so what the hell does he remember? But that doesn’t mean he’s too old to square off with a former Strikeforce light heavyweight champ like Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. And if you’ve sat here in the past and mocked Seagal for his preposterous martial arts claims, well prepare to be proven wrong.

Obviously, this appears to be a playful showcase between two friends… OR IS IT???

Steven doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but he will. “Yea, he [Feijao] said, ‘how many hands do you have?’ [laughs]“ Can someone front kick this guy in the face for me please?

Responding to Bryant’s shocked statement that everyone was surprised when Seagal got a slap in on Feijao, the 60-year-old continues, “Yea, I just, you know, he’s my brother, we’re all, we play hard, we train hard and uh, that’s cool. If they can get it in on me, they will.” (Via The Blemish)

Let this be a lesson, students. Step into the ring with Master Seagal, and prepare to feel the punishment of the “Thousand Slow Slaps of Justice”.