‘The Maze Runner’ Featurette Explains The Rules Of Maze Running

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Do you like The Hunger Games? Do you like the Saw movies? Do you like watching sweaty teenage boys running from danger? Are you an adult? THEN YOU ARE GROSS AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! However if you are, in fact, a teenager then you are going to absolutely love this newly released “featurette” (AKA promo) for the new Hunger Games acolyte The Maze Runner. If you are unfamiliar with The Maze Runner, here is a little synopsis courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

The Fox film centers on Thomas (O’Brien), a teenager who wakes up in a region by roughly 50 other boys and surrounded by a deadly maze. He has no memory of his past and does not know why he has been brought there.

That’s a pretty good elevator pitch. For those of you too lazy to watch the trailer, here is a break down of the RULES OF MAZING:

  • Rule #1: Report to the map room – This is a room with a 3-D model of the very maze that they will be forced to run through.
  • Rule #2: Receive your section assignments – Not sure what this means. But in college I had to go to section once a week and pretend that I was present during the lecture.
  • Rule #3: Gear up – Seems less like a rule and more like a recommendation. But then again, I’ve never been trapped in a maze against my will.
  • Rule #4: Run – Duh
  • Rule #5: Never stop running – This seems kind of flexible. I imagine that some of the teenagers have to stop for a few moments, at least for long enough to let some dialogue happen. I mean, the whole movie can’t be just running, can it?
  • Rule #6: Come back before the doors close – This is a tricky situation. Because if they don’t make it back before they doors close, they die. But if they do make it back before the doors close, they have to keep being in the movie.
  • Rule #7: If you survive, we do it all over again the next day – Not if we walk out of the theater, we don’t.