Vegas Juggalo Arrested for Dulled Meat Cleaver Attack + The Morning Links

08.08.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

riley_snyder_t211Via the Las Vegas Sun. Part of me wants to believe that this article shouldn’t have been written, that it misrepresents the Juggalo culture and that it is by most standards a non-story, but every sentence makes me laugh.

According to an arrest report, Giles approached and attacked 31-year-old Anthony Castellanos, slicing him twice in the back with a meat cleaver and calling him a snitch.

The story was written by Sun intern Riley Snyder (right), a disguised juggalo if there ever was one. Best of luck to Laremy, Matt, Ben and Vince! Just remember to chant Family! Family! and do a lot of meth.

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