The New Kid Is Learning On The Job In The International Trailer For ‘Fury’

Senior Writer
09.08.14 6 Comments

The new international trailer for David Ayer’s Fury is here, and things are looking more furious than ever now that Brad Pitt and his tank team are hunting Germans in their own country. After one of the Fury’s men is killed in action, a young soldier is sent to replace him, and Pitt’s Wardaddy is tasked with making sure that he’s up to the challenge of killing any Germans that get in their way, before those Germans have the chance to kill them instead. And in between the green bullet flashes of this new trailer, there’s love, friendship and even a few smiles.

Also, Shia LaBeouf’s mustache is still as funny as it was the first time that we saw it. Try as I might, I just can’t stop looking at him and thinking…

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