The new Muppets trailer makes me happy

The Muppets has a new trailer out, and it’s pretty much two and a half minutes of sunshine and Beach Boys songs and Baby Goose knitting a scorpion jacket for Patches. Nothing against CGI, and there are plenty of CG-animated movies I love (most of the Pixar catalog), but for sheer cuddliness it still can’t touch puppets. There’s just something inexplicably endearing about them. I’m convinced there’s some correlation between tactile fuzziness and empathy that can explain our love of muppets, puppies, and Robin Williams’ career.

The highlight for me had to be the chickens clucking that Cee Lo Green song (with fart shoes a close second). You hear the melody and wonder, “Aw, crap, what lame substitution are they going to use for the F-Word,” and then the chickens pull an end around by clucking the entire song. Brilliant.

Opens November 23rd.