The New ‘Old Boy’ Teaser Prepares You For Your Stay In A Creepy Hotel

09.18.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Brolin Old Boy

Like a lot of people who have seen the 2003 South Korean film Old Boy, I’ve been upset that the film has been remade for American audiences. I’m not upset that it was remade, though, as much as I’m upset that there’s really no way that Spike Lee’s version can provide the same sort of “What the f*ck…” feeling that sticks with you through the entire film. I mean, that just can’t be duplicated, right?

But I’ve been surprised by far less, I suppose, and this new version of the story first told in a Japanese manga series actually looks pretty good, what with Josh Brolin’s brooding rage, Samuel Jackson’s standard greatness and Sharlto Copley’s ability to be a badass. And this new Old Boy teaser clip helps build plenty of suspense without really telling us anything, so my $12 is still spent come November 27.

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