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11.17.08 62 Comments

The full trailer for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek obviously leaked online over the weekend, and now we have the official version.  I’ve been pretty critical of this so far, but I have to admit, the trailer is pretty damned awesome.  I still hate the casting of Spock and Captain Kirk (as commenter Max points out, the movie takes place during Spock and Kirk’s days as students, so them being young makes sense, but do they have to be so… clean?), but aside from that it looks far better than I ever would’ve imagined.  And that first voice over?  You better believe that’s Bruce Greenwood.  He plays Chris Pike in the movie, but I’d definitely be okay with him taking over for Don LaFontaine and narrating all trailers from now on. Bruce Greenwood fact of the day: Bruce Greenwood once got hired to read the audiobook version of Dianetics, and Scientology came true.

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