That Not Kevin Smith Hockey Enforcer Movie Has a Trailer

After the jump, I’ve got the trailer for Goon, the hockey enforcer movie starring Seann William Stifler. No, this isn’t the hockey enforcer movie Kevin Smith is directing (Hit Somebody), which might be confusing, because we’ve heard from people who’ve read Goon that they’re almost the same story, and because at one point, Seann William Scott was supposed to star in that too. It’s funny because I’ve never looked at Stifler and thought, “No one could play a hockey enforcer like this guy!”

Anyway, it’s kind of like Happy Madison for hockey:

Doug Glatt, (Seann William Scott) the black sheep of an illustrious medical family is working as a bouncer when he gets roped into going to a local hockey team’s game by his hockey fanatic pal, Pat (Jay Baruchel). When Pat incites the opposing team’s enforcer to climb out of the penalty box and into the audience after him, Doug steps in and to everyone’s surprise, especially the local team’s coach, quickly puts the player down.

It was directed by Michael Dowse (Take Me Home Tonight), who, along with Baruchel and female lead Alison Pill (Baruchel’s wife), is Canadian, so you figure if there’s one thing he knows, it’s hockey (and if there are two things, it’s hockey and maple syrup-glazed moose cocks). Other than that, this looks… well, pretty generic. The fights… the beer… that crappy Wolfmother song… It looks like… well, like a cinematic Jay Baruchel.

Though I did enjoy that everyone was dressed like me. Oh God, does this mean I’m Canadian?