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07.28.10 7 Comments

Former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice guy, is everywhere lately.  He’s been riding a pop-culture buzz that’s practically Betty Whitian, though far less obnoxious (“haha get it? It’s funny because she’s old.”  F*ck you.). Hollywood Reporter recently got the low down on some of Mustafa’s upcoming projects, and I thought I’d share.  As a wise man once said, “I ain’t allergic to page views, son.”

The long and short of it is, you’re probably going to see him everywhere for a while like Danny McBride or Ken Jeong.  How well he does in the bit parts will determine whether he sticks around.

  • He plays a cop in Horrible Bosses, “because I play these authoritative characters well.”  He’ll co-star opposite Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell (who play the bosses), and Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny (who play the guys plotting to kill their bosses).  It’s set to be directed by Seth Gordon (hopefully the Seth Gordon who directed King of Kong and not the Seth Gordon who directed Four Christmases).  My favorite part is that Jamie Foxx is set to play a con artist named “Motherf*cker Jones.”  Yes, Brett Ratner is listed as a producer on the project, but I’m assuming that that just means he shows up a couple times a week to stand around craft services with his hands down his pants and leaves with his mouth covered in sugar cookie.
  • He’ll have an unspecified role in Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf,” based on a play that Perry himself describes as “a bunch of poems with no real story.”  I think I’d rather have my nuts torn apart by jaguars or go to one of those Grease sing-along theaters than see this movie, but if Michael Jai White can do Tyler Perry movies and get away with it, maybe the Old Spice guy can to.  Of course, keep in mind, Michael Jai White knows karate.
  • He’s doing a guest spot on Chuck, which he says was his “first choice.”  I don’t know what Chuck is, but I always hear dorks whispering about it between inhaler puffs.

THR: You also landed a talent agreement last month with NBC. What does that mean, and what shows are you filming?
Mustafa: It means I’m exclusively working with NBC unless they approve other projects. I’m going to be filming an episode of “Chuck” next week. I don’t know how many episodes yet, but I do know I’m playing an official CIA guy (named Greta). The character is pretty goofy, so it’s going to be fun.

Haha, get it?  “Greta” is a girl’s name.  For white people.  Anyway, I wish him luck.  His commercials are great, and we need all the non-fruity Disney Channel asswipes we can get.  Perhaps most impressive, Morgan Freeman is playing him in a new meme:

[meme via GammaSquad]

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