The original Superbad table read, old school camera phone, morning links

This video had 300,000 views, so I’m going to assume lots of you have already seen it, but I hadn’t, so deal with it. Anyway, it’s the original Superbad table read. I think if you don’t laugh, you get fired. |via TheBioscopist|

Come check out a stand-up show in LA next week. |Events|

5 Movies Us Nerds Painfully Underrate |Gamma Squad|

20 Reasons Why Moira O’Hara May Be the Sexiest Character on Television |Warming Glow|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD and Streaming: Rated ARG for Pirates |Film Drunk|

What Was In LeBron’s Tiny Purse? |Smoking Section|

‘60′s Batman Running Away From Sh*t’ Is The Best 60′s Superhero Comedy You’ll See Today |UPROXX|

Paula Deen allegedly wanted to “dress n**gers in bow ties like in the Shirley Temple days.” |TheSuperficial|

Optical illusion whoaaaaooooaaaahhhhh |Videogum|

Women Flirting With Urkel Over Twitter |Buzzfeed|

Woman killed by home made cannon shockingly not in Florida. |TheDailyWhat|

Picture via Lamebook.

9 regular people who became internet memes. |MentalFloss|

When cute animals attack. |ModernMan|

7 The Bachelor hopefuls more eligible than Tim Tebow. |ScreenJunkies|

The 25 moods of Nic Cage. |HolyTaco|

12 extremely depressing facts about popular music. Number 12 should be number 1 |FARK|

Someone Racked Up a Hefty $323,000 Bar Tab at a Liverpool Nightclub |Brobible|

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