The Perfect Gift For That Special Lady: The Jon Hamm Coloring Book

Back in August, swarthy Italian artist Vince brought us the amazing news that a Ryan Gosling coloring book exists, and I simply assume that every lady Drunkard and male Drunkard that stalks them went out and purchased every last one of these things. And when you were done filling all of the pages in – “Hey girl, here’s some balm to apply to your burnt sienna” – the reality set in that you were all out of Baby Goose to color, and there was now a lovable, gentle void in your lives once again.
Well, great f*cking news, friends – there’s a Jon Hamm coloring book now, too.
An Etsy dealer by the name of “teamart” has a nice little shop named “Teamart Delights”, and among the items that he or she offers are seven coloring book for subjects like Parks and Rec, Nineties Pop Divas, Hunky Dudes, Voldemort, Dogs and Canadian Wildlife, which unfortunately is not actually just another coloring book about Gosling. And then there’s the Jon Hamm coloring book that you can own for just $11.38.
Keep in mind, that’s the most expensive price for any of teamart’s coloring books, but I like to think it’s because Hamm is always offering the ladies a little extra.

And always relevant…