The Full ‘Rover’ Trailer Has More Sweat, Dirt, And Gunplay. Yes, Please.

The Rover, from Animal Kingdom director David Michod,released a teaser trailer back in January, and suffice it to say, I was teased, bros. Opening June 13th, the dystopian tale of sweaty gunplay stars Guy Pearce as a dirt-faced every dude who gets his car stolen in an age that showers forgot. Robert Pattinson plays the accomplice the thieves left behind. Gun play and emotional conflict ensue.

A fun game to play is to watch this trailer and try to figure out what the hell Robert Pattinson is even saying. Ah, the lost art of sound mixing.

Part of me wishes there had been a Mamet-esque exchange after those first few lines.

“Whatevah yew think’s ovah fa me wiz ova ra long toime agoy.”

“Over, Rover?”

“Ovah. Let someone else take over for Rover, over.”

Also, where the hell is Ben Mendolsohn? Making a movie about sweaty Australians without Ben Mendelsohn is like having a convention for disabled physicists and not inviting Stephen Hawking.