‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ Get Porny With ‘The Royal Tenendongs’, Starring James Deen And Stoya

For the cultured pervert who pleasures himself pinky out like me, there are few things better than combining Wes Anderson’s deadpan classic (his number one film, according to my scientific ranking system) with some boobs and wieners. Woodrocket recently did just that with a photo series starring world famous crossover porn superstars James Deen and Stoya (playing all the roles). Called, naturally, The Royal Tenendongs. Everyone knows The Royal Tenebaums didn’t show any exposed labia. What this photo series presupposes is… what if it did?

Photographed by Chad Duerksen & styled by Lee Roy Myers & Seth’s Beard (I guess that’s his porn name?), we’ve got a couple of the SFW pictures here, and you can check out the full gallery (NSFW) on WoodRocket.

I’d like to see them go all the way with this, complete with a wooden fingering, actors who are a real-life brother and sister, and Danny Glover, but hey, I’m sick like that. Basically, I have a lot of ideas for Gushmore.

“That boob has a dent in it.”