The sexiest aerobics class of all time (Friday Free for All)

07.16.10 8 years ago 34 Comments

Evan over at Severin Films is one of the guys who helps decide which forgotten movies deserve to get re-released on DVD and spread to the unwashed masses.  I don’t want to suck his balls too hard (not without my codpiece on, it’s so unsexy), but he’s pretty amazing at finding awesomely ridiculous movies from the 70s and 80s.  This clip comes from Severin’s latest DVD and Blu-Ray release, Loose Screws, which is also the name of your sister’s improv troupe.

We follow the horny high jinks of four young men banished to Cockswell Academy, a summer school created for teenagerdom’s worst repeat offenders. To pass the time, the boys begin to play a game where points are scored by scoring with Cockswell’s smorgasbord of comely teenage vixens. The ultimate prize – Ms. Mona Lott, Cockswell’s pneumatic new French instructor.

The soundtrack even has a song co-written by Demi Moore and her band, Hair Diaper. Okay, just kidding, it was with then-husband Freddy Moore of the Nu Kats.  I heard they once opened for Turds of Misery.  Another funny thing that happened when I was watching this, was that at first I was thinking they’d tried to make the main guy look all schlubby and lame, but on second thought, I’m wondering if that sweatpant outfit was actually the height of cool in 1985. For all I know, this guy was the Tyson Beckford of Jazzercise.

Anyway, maybe I’m weird, but I love these silly old b-movies.  And I hope you do too, because I’ve got a couple Severin DVDs to give away as comments of the week prizes.  Who knows, maybe you’ll hate it. But as my dad always used to say, “If you don’t like it, you can take it up to the attic and throw it at your retard brother.”

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