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An AICN reader who caught an advance screening of The Spirit has written an early review, and in typical AICN fashion they’ve posted it, in all its 2,623-word glory. The reviewer sounds like a coked-up ADD kid who really really wants to tell you a story, but the gist is that The Spirit is bad, like, worse than Battlefield Earth bad.

The real Main Offender here is the company that thought this was good. Thought this was worthy of your twelve bucks. Because they, my friends, are assholes. That’s all it comes down to. They MUST know that this movie is a piece of shit…I mean, it is so bad they literally HAVE to know how bad it is, no matter how cynical you are about the intelligence level of Hollywood producers. Which means that they think so little of the movie-going public that they’ll drop this bomb on us and just expect us to go see it “‘cause it looks like Sin City.”

So, execs over at Lionsgate: F-ck. You.

You should know better. And if you don’t, I just got laid off, and I’ve got TONS of ideas. And none of them involve hiring a visually-overindulgent, first-time director and throwing $30 million at him. (I have no idea what this actually cost…if it’s less, congrats. If it’s more, double shame on you. I’m just guessing, based on your slate of releases and that you pride yourself on your budget-consciousness.)

Anyway, you get the picture.  Not just bad, a piece of shit.  Literally bad.  In fact, guy-who-wrote-a-2600-word-review found it quite self-indulgent.  Shame on you, Frank Miller.

[Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

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