‘The State’ Alum Robert Ben Garant To Direct Baywatch Movie

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09.21.12 21 Comments

Garant (left) and Tom Lennon, authors of the fantastic book, "Writing Movies for Fun and Profit"

When I read that there was actually (and, well, finally) a Baywatch movie in production, I unleashed a groan that shook Mother Earth to her very core. “Why, almighty Cthulhu,” I screamed while pounding my head against my desk in slow motion. Alas, I read on and thankfully my woe and concern has turned to hope, as not only will this big screen adaptation of the iconic-yet-horrible lifeguard series be a comedy, but it has been written by Peter Tolan (Rescue Me) and will be produced by Ivan Reitman.

And if that’s not good enough for you – it wasn’t really good enough for me – The State and Reno 911! alum Robert Ben Garant is set to direct, and that makes me as happy as two inbred brothers hitting themselves on the head. Of course, with Garant’s writing experience, a lot of people think that he’s going to kick Tolan’s script to the curb and do his own, which could be good or bad, because Garant also wrote Taxi. Hey, we all get one free pass.

As of 2009, the plot was said to revolve around two ill-suited lifeguard candidates struggling to pass muster with the hardbodies already on staff. By now, though, it’s likely some or all of that has changed.

However, it’s probably safe to assume that the new script isn’t a whole lot like Baywatch the show. Both Garelick and Tolan freely admitted to knowing little about the original series, and likened the movie instead to Stripes. The reference to the army comedy classic is no coincidence. Ivan Reitman, who directed Stripes, is producing the new Baywatch. (Via /Film)

No actors are yet attached but a few rumors have suggested that they’d like to get Justin Timberlake on board to star, which would probably be great. We should all brace ourselves, though, for the inevitability of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson rumors, which would be okay if they were just going to make cameos (a la Paul Glaser and David Soul in the Starsky & Hutch film) but they’ll want bigger roles. They will.

But it should stop at those two, because Nicole Eggert still needs a little more time before her comeback.

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