The Story Of The Sony Hack Is Going To Be A Movie

As you might recall, around Christmas time there was a little movie about North Korea whose release got canceled after its studio got hacked by a group they suspected of being tied to North Korea, who then flooded the Internet with embarrassing internal emails. Well, get ready for a movie about it.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The first film to address the Sony Pictures hack is in the works, from the team behind 2013’s Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning documentary The Square from Netflix. Spouses Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer quietly are working on a documentary that explores the cyberattack.

The untitled film is expected to drop new bombshells. Sources say director Noujaim and producer Amer will put forth alternative theories about the hack’s culprit. After the breach was detected Nov. 24, focus immediately shifted to North Korea, which had expressed outrage over The Interview. On Dec. 19, the FBI and President Obama fingered the rogue nation as the perpetrator.

But many in the cybersecurity community believe that the attack likely was an inside job given that the hackers exhibited intimate knowledge of the architecture of Sony’s servers.

I’m hoping they’re going to solve the mystery of who masterminded the hack in the process, because short of that, it’s going to be a pretty disappointing movie. I’d also like to see Sony make the feature film version. Starring James Franco as Seth Rogen and Seth Rogen as James Franco. With Randall Park returning as Kim Jong-Un and Barack Obama as Randall Park. Everyone else will be played by The Rock.