John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe: Rape Detective

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08.30.10 15 Comments

Perhaps hoping to top their ideas for the story of Moses in the style of the 300 and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Hollywood’s latest idea is to have John Cusack play Edgar Allen Poe, but set in an alternate universe where Poe is trying to stop a murder, rather than just marinating his insides with sweet, sweet booze.  Suggested title: “The Tell-Tale (*fart*)”

Based on an original script by Hannah Shakespeare (I kid you not) and Ben Livingston, The Raven is set in the last five days of Poe’s life, when a serial killer is running around Baltimore using Poe’s stories as the backdrops for his killings. Poe and a young detective have a ticking clock to outsmart the killer before he strikes again [sic]. V For Vendetta‘s James McTeigue will direct, and production will begin late fall in Serbia. [Deadline]

Is it just me, or does this sound like some kind of Encyclopedia Brown role-playing game?  “There’s a serial killer on the loose and you’ll need your knowledge of Edgar Allen Poe to outsmart him!  So put on your thinking caps and your Nic Cage wigs, but always remember: reading is fundamental!”

Sidenote: The war-torn Balkans sounds like a perfect stand-in for Baltimore.  Safer too.

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