The Top 10 Bombs of 2010 (Will Soon Include Warrior’s Way)

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12.06.10 7 Comments

This week at the box office, Tangled and Harry Potter flip flopped, with Tangled taking over Harry Potter‘s number one spot.  (A box office battled immortalized with the AP headline “Hairy vs. Harry,” which is already its own porn parody).  It was a down weekend (11% from last year) of mostly boring movies, with the exception of the Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis lesbian tour de force Black Swan, which kissed and scissored its way to a $77,000 per-screen average in limited release. Girl Power!

The closest thing to an interesting story was Warrior’s Way coming in with $3.05 million from 1,622 locations, which managed to out-suck such sucky sucks as Jonah Hex, Dragonball Evolution, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and Punisher: War Zone.  It’s probably not surprising for a movie that’s been on the shelf for two years and whose most prominent marketing was a 30-second TV spot that featured only the dialog, “Ninjas. Daaaamn.”

For a look at where Warrior’s Way ranks on the 2010 sucky movie depth chart, we go to our favorite nerds at Pajiba for an internet-approved Top 10 List:

You can measure a box-office bomb in several ways, and surely this list would look (slightly) different if you measured it simply on the difference between box-office gross and the production/marketing budget of the film. There’s a lot of variables you could use. But for the purposes of this list, we’re looking only at the real box office dollars of the 10 lowest grossing major studio releases (movies released in over 1500 theaters).

Enough with the math, nerd!  Make with the cathartic numbering of things!

10. Splice: $17 million [never saw it, but I’ve heard good things]

9. Youth in Revolt: $15.2 million [I actually loved this one, but people hate Michael Cera]

8. My Soul to Take: $14.7 million [Wes Craven teen horror. Looks as horrible as the title.]

7. Repo Men: $13.7 million [Looked a lot like Repo! The Genetic Opera, which is never a good thing.]

6. Case 39: $13.2 million [still not sure this was even a real movie]

5. Let Me In $12.1 million [Matt Reeve’s Let The Right One In remake. Looked okay, got decent reviews, probably shouldn’t have opened it against The Social Network.]

4. Extraordinary Measures: $12 million [I ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK!]

3. 4.Jonah Hex $10.5 million [I loved this one too, but only because it was so hilariously bad]

2. MacGruber $8.5 million

1. The Warrior’s Way: $5.5 million (Estimate after a $3 million opening weekend)  [via Pajiba]

If you ask me, the biggest surprise of this entire list is the fact that Case 39 made more money than Let Me In.  But I guess that’s just the power of Renee Zellweger, Hollywood’s king maker.

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