The Trailer For Adam Sandler’s ‘The Cobbler’ Reveals A Pretty Sweet Movie

There’s a scene in the 2006 movie Click in which Adam Sandler’s character Michael uses his magical remote control to stop time so he can jump on his boss’s desk and fart in his face. It’s a pretty typical scene for a Sandler movie these days, as we’ve almost forgotten the actor’s once-great ability to combine a heartwarming story with his trademark goofball humor. But if you took that scene (and some others) away, Click might have been a pretty sweet movie. The same could probably said for a few other films as well, and if this trailer for his new film, The Cobbler, is any indication, Sandler might have finally received that memo.

In The Cobbler, Sandler plays “a 4th generation shoe-maker who discovers a magical sewing machine in his father’s basement that allows him to transform into other people by wearing their shoes,” according to the official synopsis. By words alone, this sounds like another typical Sandler romp. But the trailer tells a different and seemingly far sweeter story. Sure, Grown Ups 3 is probably right around the corner, but for now The Cobbler looks like Sandler wants to remind us that he can still do cute and goofy like the best of them.