The Unofficial ‘Magic Mike’ Fan Club Reacts To The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer

Around these parts, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re massive fans of Magic Mike. Burnsy and I are such C-Tates enthusiasts that we feel personally invested in his career. His success is ours, in some way. Justin Halpern and I had originally planned to see Magic Mike at the Castro Theater in San Francisco on opening night, just to be in the proper atmosphere for it. Our plans fell through, and we saw it separately, but the film itself was still better than we could’ve ever imagined. We’ve been waiting breathlessly for tidbits about the sequel ever since. With today’s release of the trailer for Magic Mike XXL (they wowed us yet again with the title), it was a big day for us.

Here is a Magic Mike XXL reaction from us, the Magic Mike superfans.

JUSTIN: Whoever is behind Magic Mike XXL knows how to put together a f*ckin trailer amirite??? Checks all the boxes, friends.

BURNSY: I was having a typical dumb morning, anchored by having to write about Entourage and Kevin Dillon’s melting turtle face, and then I watched C-Tates use a metal bar as his penis while dancing to “Pony” and the world is too good for us.

JUSTIN: He couldn’t resist the dancing! He wanted to just make furniture but the dancing TOOK OVER. It still kills me that McConaughey isn’t in this. It’s like going back to eat the best pizza you’ve ever had and they tell you they use multi-grain crust now: I’ll probably still like it, but it’s different, ya know?

VINCE: I like that he’s “grinding,” literally, using skills acquired while “grinding,” figuratively. Like, of COURSE he can build custom furniture, have you seen him shake his dick?

JUSTIN: Good point. Never even thought of that. Working on multiple levels here. I hope that scene isn’t even in the movie and they were like “This is too good not to shoot.”

JUSTIN: Also, does this cement “Pony” as one of the greatest stripping songs of all time? I mean, it’s 15 years old and it still demands respect in this trailer.

BURNSY: If there’s a stripper song HOF, Pony is a first ballot with Girls, Girls, Girls.

Magic Mike XXL opens July 1st. Expect us to write about it many, many more times before then.

Someday Channing Tatum is going to hang out with us and it’s going to be awesome.