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I tried to warn Jerry Bruckheimer he was tempting fate with all these awful Nic Cage movies, but no one listened and now this happened.  While filming a chase scene for a dude, and a lady standing nearby was knocked to the ground.

One of the victims was not associated with the movie. It was not clear whether the other was also a bystander. Both were taken to Bellevue Hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening.
A customer who was inside the restaurant said a manager inside “told a couple to get back.”  “Next thing you know it jumps the sidewalk and smashes the door,” she said. “The manager just started freaking out and told everyone to get out.” [NYPost]

If you’ve ever seen a commercial, you know a Toyota Camry could be pulling into a driveway at five miles per hour and it’ll still have fine print that says “professional driver, closed course.”  So how the hell did two people not associated with the movie wander so close to a speeding Ferrari?  Answer: because Jerry Bruckheimer is a terrorist.  He hates America and wanted to destroy it, starting with our fake Italian food-based economy.  He should be locked up at once. I say we waterboard him, find out what he knows.

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