The ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Martin Scorsese Edit Works Surprisingly Well

Senior Editor
11.21.14 8 Comments


With a light edit and liberal use of the Rolling Stones’ “Can You Hear Me Knockin”, Vimeo user Tommy Button has transformed Wet Hot American Summer into a Martin Scorsese film. Although I’m not sure “transformed” is the right word. The original Wet Hot American Summer opening credits already look sort of Scorsese-esque:

Well, probably more Richard Linklater than Martin Scorsese. Point is, Wet Hot American Summer had a visual style to it, which I think is part of why it’s so well remembered.

Side note on “Can You Hear Me Knocking”: It seems like these songs are still in heavy rotation but no one talks about the fact that the album cover had a picture of a guy’s wang on it with a zipper that invited you to reach inside and is called “Sticky Fingers.” Sticky Fingers. It seemed like there were a lot of songs throughout the seventies and eighties where guys in really tight jeans would brag about how hot and sticky and sweet they were.  I can’t even fathom living in a time when ladies would go nuts for guys bragging about their pre-cum.

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