‘The Wolf Of System Of A Down’ Is Your Surprisingly Perfect Monday Morning Mash-Up

There are so many “___ recut as ___” mash-ups flying around every day that for a new mash-up to cut through the static is a feat in itself. The Wolf Of System Of A Down certainly fits the bill. As you may have guessed, it’s Wolf Of Wall Street plus System of a Down, and while the name may explain the concept, it doesn’t convey how well this works. It’s the perfect pump-up watch to kick your Monday right in the dick. I can only imagine sales bros watching this and getting pumped as hell. WAKE UP, PUSSIES, IT’S TIME TO COLD CALL! (*chugs Smirnoff Ice, headbutts receptionist*)

Some faces are perfectly suited to metal, kudos to MarcaBlanca here for recognizing one in Leonardo DiCaprio.

I like this almost as much as the Bloodsport gif:

And if there are any aspiring video editors/gif makers out there, you could make a fantastic hardcore mash-up out of Jim Harbaugh.