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   If you understand the right side of this picture, you’re an O.G. Filmdrunkard.

Rachel McAdams was nice enough to go on The Daily Show last night and give away all the major plot points of The Time Traveler’s Wife, which opens today.  The video is inside.  Since the video only plays in the U.S., I’ll also type the spoilers out for you non-American drunkards out there in Djibouti and whatnot.


  • Eric Bana’s character can time travel back to the point of his birth and forward to the time of his death and everywhere in between, but he doesn’t control when or where he’ll go.  Which means he knows how he’s going to die, which is a major plot point.
  • He had a vasectomy without his wife’s permission, so she has sex with the younger, pre-vasectomy version of him and gets pregnant.
  • She didn’t say how young he was when she slept with him.  Let’s assume age 22 and then subtract 7 years for each custom-airbrushed rape van she owns.
  • Their daughter can also travel through time, except, unlike her father, she can control the ability.
  • The father and daughter don’t time travel together, but they do bump into each other in the future and “kinda hang out.”
  • The husband and wife meet when the wife is 6 years old and by herself in a meadow, and the guy is in his 30s.  Presumably he drives up in an airbrushed van (advertising a children’s movie not yet filmed) and says, “Candy and puppies over here.”
  • He already knows she’s his wife when they meet for the first time (my head just assploded).

[Thanks to cinematical for the tip]

~ robopanda

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