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12.11.07 26 Comments

The makers of There Will be Blood put a deleted scene from the movie online that you can watch here.  They say:

here’s a good scene that we didn’t need… it won’t spoil anything.

They use all lowercase letters, because they’re cryptic like that.  I’m pretty excited about this.  Daniel Day-Lewis is such a hardass that I won’t even call him on his hyphenated last name.  Or on the fact that my abs are way more rippeder.  Hit the weights, pussy.  (In limited release 12-26-07)

I’d also like to point out that Juno made $60,000+ per theater last weekend.  If the makers of There Will Be Blood are reading this, perhaps they’ll consider it a lesson and put this on more than seven f*%cking theatres, while National Treasure and So I Married Martin Lawrence or whatever other turd is out that weekend is playing every 10 minutes.  Just a thought. 

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